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Caregiver Job Requirements

Must be certified by the state of Arizona as an Assisted Living Caregiver to be employed.



  1. Pass the Assisted Living Caregiver course (total 62 hours) and pass the ‘State’ test

  2. Have current CPR and First Aid card

  3. Test negative on two-step Tuberculosis test

  4. Fingerprint and background check by the state

  5. Food handling card

Assisted Living Caregiver Courses


There is a list of companies/institutions that offer Assisted Living Caregiver certification courses

in the state of Arizona. The list can be found at 

We called several of the companies on the list.

The following are recommended based on convenience.


1. TUCSON - Academy on Demand, 4725 N 1st 520-338-4402

Class is self paced and hybrid. 42 hours on line, 16 hours in person training (2-8 hour classes)

Cost is $600.00. We have had a devotee take and pass this course!

May begin today if you so desire.


2. TUCSON - Caregiver Training Institute 520-325-4870

Class is 3 weeks, Monday through Friday from 9 am- 4 pm. Next class begins Sept 4, 2023

Regularly $700, have a special for $200.


3. PHOENIX - Lifework (formerly American Medical Training Institute) 480-835-7679

One week course, 7 am - 4 pm, next class begins 9/11

OR Weekend course, 2 weekends from 7 - 5:30 pm plus online, next class begins 9/23 $600.


Tuberculosis testing


2 Step TB testing is required by the state of Arizona.

Basically, you get two skin tests ($15 each test). Get the injection and 48 to 72 hours later it is

read. Wait at least one week after 1st reading to get a second skin test.

Pima County Health Department 520-724-2850

3550 N 1st Ave #300 (1st and Prince)

Recommended to call Pima County Health Department to make an appointment


CPR and First Aid


CPR is required by the state of Arizona. First aid is required by Krishna’s Home.

Online CPR certification is not accepted. The CPR class must include hands-on experience as

mandated by the state of Arizona.

There are several businesses in Tucson that offer hands-on certification courses. Generally the

cost is around $80.00 for CPR and $20.00 for First Aid


Eclipse 520-623-0539

4500 Speedway Blvd., #84

Tucson, AZ 85712


CPR Certification Tucson 520-200-3456

5151 E Broadway

Tucson, AZ 85711

Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

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